Wood Care & Instructions

Wood Care & Instructions

Board Care and Maintenance

Every effort is given to ensure the quality and craftsmanship of your Jack & Jill Board, and with care and proper maintenance, it should last for years and years to come, beautifully!

For both Charcuterie and Cutting boards, there are a few general guidelines:

  • Hand-washing in warm soapy water and towel drying is recommended. 
  • Extended periods in damp conditions can be very damaging to the boards, potentially causing warping or cracking and is not warrantied. 
  • Boards are not dishwasher safe. 
  • Do not leave the boards to soak in water for any length of time, or to leave liquids on them for extended periods. 
  • Do not leave boards to dry on wet tea towels, or especially the foam or microfiber mats.
  • Use a high-grit sandpaper to buff out any knife marks and condition with Jack & Jill Mineral Oil Wax on wood boards.
  • Refrain from using olive oil, canola oil or other fermentable food-based oils to condition the board.
  • New boards may experience 'raised grain' after the first couple of washings:  where the wood feels rough because the water used has raised the grain of the wood. Use 220 grit, or higher, sandpaper to bring it back to that smooth finish and condition with food safe mineral oil or Jack & Jill Mineral Oil Wax.


Charcuterie or Cheese Boards are typically edge grain boards (lengthwise wood grain) and are best as serving boards because they are more susceptible to knife marks and warping with changes in humidity. Shallow scratches and scars may buffed out with a high-grit sandpaper and using Jack & Jill Mineral Oil Wax can usually bring back the intensity of the wood colour and grain. For any twisting or warping, lay flat with crown side up for as long as it takes to correct. For additional correction, try using a heavy item in the middle of board to coax it to flat. 

The pieces we classify as Cutting Boards tend to be end grain board (cut ends of the boards) and are very resilient. Knife marks tend to 'heal' themselves with regular care and are much more resistant to scarring. Hand-washing and conditioning with mineral oil will keep these heirloom pieces gorgeous for a long time to come. 

Jack and Jill Creations prides itself in quality products built to be beautiful for years to come and worthy of being #CountertopArt. If you experience anything but the highest of quality, please contact us with your concerns: jackandjill@sasktel.net

** these are natural creations and will grow and shrink with changes in humidity. They are also very susceptible to damp conditions, such as watermelon left on the cutting board or spongy drying mats that retain a lot of water.  We want to ensure customer satisfaction, but do not warranty regular usage or  water damage. 

Resin and Epoxy covered boards should not be cut on. The epoxy surface will scar and show knife marks (similar to a plastic cutting board). Resin can be washed with soap and water, and is not dishwasher safe. Care for the wood parts as listed above. The epoxy used is always non-toxic and or food-safe grade epoxy resin (depending on the project)

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