Alcohol Ink Care & Instructions

Alcohol Ink Care & Instructions

Alcohol Ink Items

From coasters to mugs to Christmas ornaments, Alcohol Ink has become a fun new product line for Jack & Jill! We focused on finding a non-toxic sealer that would make the mugs Dishwasher safe - and we are happy to report we accomplished that in January of 2021. Not yet knowing the long term durability of this sealer, we can say that it has worked on a number of test cups for over 100 washes without fail. However, dishwasher are very hard on most things, and the longevity of your mug would be greatly increased if a few washings were a more gentle handwashing from time to time. 

All sealers are non-toxic and used specifically for the product. Coasters have a matte sealer to help prevent the hot mug from bonding to the coaster, the mugs have a non-toxic dishwasher safe sealer and the ornaments have a scratch resistant acrylic top coat. 

  • Do not use rubbing alcohol or bleach to clean *especially on the mugs
  • Do not scrub or use abrasive pads
  • Coasters are not suitable for the Microwave or the Dishwasher
  • Coasters are handwash only, do not soak and wipe dry after washing


*Mugs purchased prior to January 2021 are NOT dishwasher safe. They are handwash only. They are NOT warrantied for replacement for water damage or heat damage caused by soaking or dishwashing. 

Food-safe or not, we do not recommend any part of the sealer or the inks be ingested,  should it separate from the mug at any time.

Alcohol Inks naturally fade in vibrancy over time. A UV resistant sealer is used to help reduce this fade, but you will likely notice the inks become lighter as the years pass. Keeping mugs, coasters and ornaments out of direct sunlight will definitely help. 

Every effort is made to ensure our products are of the highest quality and standards, and are worthy of being #CountertopArt. These are, however, hand painted items. There are imperfections that most definitely will occur. These make the piece unique and  are characteristic of handmade items. That being said, if you experience anything but the highest quality, please contact us with your concerns: 

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